Pay Thy Neighbor’s Mortgage

missional budget[This post is part of the Becoming a Missional Family series.]

Okay, maybe that sounds crazy to you. It is.

Fact is, that kind of generosity just isn’t very realistic for the amount of margin you have in your budget. There are necessities, after all.

Enter: the family of God Continue reading

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Budgeting for Missional Family

missional family budget[This post is part of the Becoming a Missional Family series.]

Turns out, a family’s budget shapes a lot more than spending habits.

Oftentimes, what stands between a family who makes disciples and a family that doesn’t (all things the same) is how the family budget is set up and handled. Continue reading

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Optimizing Your Home for the Mission (pt. 1)

missional home

[This post is part of the Becoming a Missional Family series.]

It is easy to share a home with my wife. She is an incredible homemaker. But she also tries really hard to optimize our home for hospitality and mission. Luckily, we are in the midst of some major home renovations (we just moved into a foreclosure) and so making changes is something we can do right now. Continue reading

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Becoming a Missional Family (a new blog series)

missional familyI am excited to introduce a new blog series here on familia Dei. For me, writing about the family of God yields tangible, practical crops in my own life. There’s just something about writing it down and pressing that publish button that binds me to do it, or at least mindfully pursue it (it helps to have a community who reminds me).

And like I’ve stated on the about page, Alex and I aspire to build our own family in congruence with how the Father builds his; namely, adoption and (re)birth.

It’s a process

But we are constantly trying to figure out how the heck we become a missional family, both in our home and in the wider family of God. Continue reading

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Your Kid is My Sensei

a dad who listens

God is a perfect Father with at least one perfectly obedient Son. The rest of us? Well, we tend to be a little less than perfect in our fathering, and our kids are definitely not Jesus.

While the impetus for strong, definitive parenting is abundant in both current parenting advice (see How to Land Your Kids in Therapyand Scripture, dads make mistakes and should sometimes listen to their kids.
Continue reading

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Who are Jesus’ Brothers and Sisters?

Today I have the distinct privilege of directing you to the Compassion blog for your familia Dei consumption. Check out my post, Who are Jesus’ Brothers and Sisters? 

You may even want to show some comment love over there.

If you’ve read it already – welcome to the familia Dei blog, Compassion readers!

I’d love for you to poke around  a little bit to get a better idea of what missional family in the life of the Trinity looks like.

Here are some posts to whet your whistle…

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Make Disciples, Not Orphans

Most parents of grown, married children are just plain antsy for grandbabies. As they look back on how they parented, their only hope is that they have raised their children to make and raise more children.

Because everyone loves babies.

But very few children, left to their own devices, grow up to be good parents. Because so much of parenting is imitation of (or rebellion towards) what you experienced, kids need to be parented well in order to become good parents. Continue reading

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Two Lost Sons

An excerpt from Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God

the prodigal godLuke 15 informs us in verses 1-3 that Jesus told not one but three parables to the Pharisees who were complaining about his fraternization with sinners. The first parable is called the Parable of the Lost Sheep. A man is tending a flock of one hundred sheep, but one goes astray. Instead of accepting this loss, the shepherd goes out searching until he has found his lost sheep. Then he calls all around to “rejoice with me, for I have found my lost sheep” (verse 6).

The second parable is called the Parable of the Lost Coin. In this story a woman has ten silver coins in the house but loses one. She does not write it off as a loss, but instead “lights a lamp, sweeps the whole house, and searches diligently until she finds it” (vers 8). And when she does, she calls her friends and neighbors and says, “Rejoice with me, for I have found my lost coin.” The third parable is the story we have been studying, the Parable of the Two Lost Sons. Continue reading

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Blood Brothers

I don’t know anyone famous. If I did, I’d hope to have insider access to this individual every now and then.

If this hypothetical famed individual was my brother, I would expect unique, insider access.

If my famous brother were to not acknowledge me in front of others, I’d be hurt.

If he then went on to acknowledge someone else (whom I’ve never met) as his brother instead, I’d be outraged.

Wouldn’t you? Continue reading

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Culture vs Content in Missional Family

Admittedly, early American Evangelicalism had its issues. But, it also had its strengths.

Organizations like the Salvation Army and the Union Gospel Mission, and many more of the like, were started and thriving in major urban centers across the nation. The church was taking care of the poor and socially deprived.

That is, until the so-called “Great Reversal”. Continue reading

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