What is familia Dei?

Having a blog with a latin title is misleading. I don’t know latin, but when I came across the term, familia Dei, I knew that it had to become a title for a blog.

It means “family of God” and it has captured my heart. I have spent the last year utterly preoccupied with the thought of God as my Father, Jesus as my Brother, and the Holy Spirit who makes me a son, crying “Abba, Father!”.

Where does it come from?

God chose to reveal himself not only as a King or Lord, but as a family — an intimate community comprised of a Father, a Son, and a Spirit bonding them together.

The language he chose to communicate his gospel is the same language we use to describe how families grow: marriageadoption, and rebirth.

Where it’s going

I am committed to acting out and expounding the gospel through the vehicle and theatre of family. At this point, my sole drama and mission is marriage to my sweetheart, Alex. We aspire to build our family through adoption and birth, as we learn to act out the gospel through our family.

My wife and I live in Minneapolis, MN where we help lead a Community Group with Antioch Community Church.

What you’ll find on this blog

I hope that you’ll find a place to learn and grow in the gospel. Most of the posts will be about cultivating a familial bond and ethos — in both our churches and our families — which spills over into the mission of the gospel.

To condense what we’re after into a catchy phrase, I’d say the aim is “Missional family in the life of the Trinity”.

Find out what the heck that means with these primer posts:

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What do you think?

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