Jackson Timothy Mogck!

It is surreal to see our son’s name.

Jack was born July 2 after pulling an all-nighter working his way out.

Here’s Jack at one month old:Image

Alex and I are overwhelmed with affection for this guy.

I wish I had more to say about how I’m learning so much about God…but alas,  quiet reflection upon such things seems to be a luxury one month olds don’t afford.

What’s for sure is I have a whole new appreciation for moms (especially Jack’s!). From pregnancy to the delivery to nursing to staying home alone all day with a fussy baby — Alex is a rockstar. In the past, strength was a word I scarcely used to describe Alex (I always used sweet and gorgeous and wise and fun), but now it is how I describe her. She’s freaking strong! And I love it.

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One Response to Jackson Timothy Mogck!

  1. Midge says:

    Jack is a fortunate little guy to have two loving, strong parents.

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