The Very Beginning of the Biggest Adventure of Our Life

My glowing (and growing!) wife and I are ecstatic. We just found out we are having a son.

A son!

There is nothing to express the joy I feel.

Gender Reveal Party

The Valentine’s Day Sex (ahem, Gender) Party

We discovered the gender of our baby on Valentines day and threw a big party to celebrate. We had the ultrasound in the morning where the technician discreetly slipped the decisive note in a sealed envelope which we delivered to the baker.

The baker made us a cake filled with either blue or pink frosting (we didn’t know which until we cut the first slice).

Surrounded by friends and family, we cut the cake, blue frosting! There was an uproar of celebratory cheers and at least one wiener joke. After eating the cake and sending everyone off, Alex and I sat down to decompress with the new information we had just ingested.

Gender Reveal Cake

The difference between boys and girls (from a rookie dad)

I was stunned. Not just stunned — I was demolished.

When Alex told me she was pregnant, I immediately pictured myself coddling a sweet, little girl. I spoke to Alex’s stomach as to a daughter. I had picked out cute little dresses to smother daddy’s little girl with.

I cut and served the rest of the cake. It was, in fact, all blue. I was having a son.

Understand, disappointed is not the feeling I was having. It was the paradigm of fatherhood I had constructed in my mind that was demolished. For some reason, I don’t think about smothering my son with cute little outfits and gushy daddy talk.

Now I think about training my son. Teaching him to be a humble, gracious boy and good to girls. My conduct in front of him is paramount to that. I want to be a dad who shows his son   how to live a godly life. The task of a father with his son is a weighty one.

I guess I’m just not ready for a daughter.

Would you pray for us? As members in the family of God, we are looking to those who have entered this adventure ahead of us for guidance and an example to imitate. I have a feeling we are way over our heads…and couldn’t be happier!

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One Response to The Very Beginning of the Biggest Adventure of Our Life

  1. Tim Mogck says:

    Best blog entry in the history of blogging. You will be the most awesome dad ever!
    Your dad

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