Becoming a Missional Family (a new blog series)

missional familyI am excited to introduce a new blog series here on familia Dei. For me, writing about the family of God yields tangible, practical crops in my own life. There’s just something about writing it down and pressing that publish button that binds me to do it, or at least mindfully pursue it (it helps to have a community who reminds me).

And like I’ve stated on the about page, Alex and I aspire to build our own family in congruence with how the Father builds his; namely, adoption and (re)birth.

It’s a process

But we are constantly trying to figure out how the heck we become a missional family, both in our home and in the wider family of God.

We’ve had to confront and deconstruct some of the paradigms for “Christian living” that had been fortified in our minds from our time in Bible college and church groups. The fact is, a lot of what we were trained in just doesn’t accommodate for everything that I read in the New Testament.

So this blog series is about that — transitioning — that grueling, frustrating, ebb-and-flowing process of becoming a missional family with all of the children of God (including your own).

Over the next few months, I will be posting on the following subjects (hoping for some more experienced practitioners to help me out on this!)

This list may grow a bit as we go, so you’ll want to check back periodically. Also, I’ll link posts to their bullet point as I get them written and published. So you may want to consider bookmarking this page or subscribing to familia Dei so that you don’t miss anything (’cause we all know how tragic that would be).

Do you want to write a post for this series?

One more thing — I’m not a dad. I’m not even an uncle. So naturally, I’m a bit limited in what I can offer on certain subjects in parenting missionally. If any of the above topics sound like something you or someone you know has particular experience and practical wisdom in, drop me a line!

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One Response to Becoming a Missional Family (a new blog series)

  1. Jon Wymer says:

    Jordan, glad you are doing this project! I will pop in once a week or so and catch up.

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