“Whoever does the will of my Father…”

Imagine the delight of the Father when a foster child can say, “whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

That’s exactly the new order of family Jesus established on earth — the family of God (cf. Matthew 12:50).

In light of Jesus’ definition, the family of God has profound capacity for taking on more kids.

All of the kids in the foster care system have come in because of abuse or neglect.  Most incidents occur due to the intensely high stress levels of a single-parent trying to get by on meager (if any) income while juggling the responsibilities and temptations of being in over your head. The State can only intervene after something happens.

So, what is the family of God to do? Enter: Safe Families.

I recently participated in a lunch with Dr. David Anderson, founder of Safe Families. He explained the ministry and my heart burned. Safe Families is a well-organized vehicle for the family of God to be the family of God to vulnerable children and stressed out moms before something happens.

Check out the story Katie Couric did on the ministry.

Right now in Minneapolis, they are having to turn away 2 out of 5 families that need help because of a lack of safe families. Consider it and learn more at safe-families.org.

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