60 posts in and I still want to be here.

Well this post marks my 60th on the familia Dei blog. Over about 7 months, I have written somewhere in the ballpark of 30,000 words about the family of God. And I am eager to write the next 100,000!

But what is the preferred future of this blog? In a word, community.

Writing is something that helps me think. It forces me to organize my thoughts and affections into somewhat coherent posts. What goes unseen on this blog, however, is the community out of which much of the content is birthed. I have learned immeasurably from my Community Group family, the “Academy“, and my Sweetheart, Alex.

Moving forward

I think it would be awesome to extend the familia Dei blog beyond mere content ingestion and towards an expression of an actual community. Of course, the media of a blog is a bit disadvantaged, but it may be a legitimate piece of community, nonetheless.

Can we form a community right here to think collaboratively, ask pointed questions, and share personal stories? I hope so.

How to build community on the familia Dei blog

1) Interact with the content

Commenting, asking questions, and sharing personal stories are all ways of interacting with this blog. By doing so, I get a chance to get to know you and we can collectively move towards a much broader, better understanding of –and life in–the familia Dei.

If checking a blog regularly isn’t really your thing, you can receive posts directly to your email’s inbox or consolidate all of the blogs you follow (including familia Dei) in your favorite RSS reader.

2) Share the content

At the end of every post is an opportunity to share via facebook, twitter, google plus, stumble upon, or email. When you invite your own community into the discussion, we all benefit!

3) Move beyond the content

The lifeblood of true community is full-bodied, hoppy, aromatic IPA. I know some good places. Let’s live in Christ while enjoying the Father’s gifts together.

What have you found to be helpful in building a community?

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2 Responses to 60 posts in and I still want to be here.

  1. Donna says:

    ‘Ye’ says…keep the posts coming…and try…

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