On not forcing it

Imitation is a means of sanctification. But that is the thesis of a different post. Here, I reflect on how truly difficult it is to get another person to love the knowledge of something in the same way that you love it. It is the difference between agreeing on the validity of a set of propositions and agreeing that the truth set forth in those propositions is beautiful.

To be totally honest, the notion behind familia Dei utterly preoccupies my mind and my affections. You might say that it has changed me. And I can’t help but feel totally inadequate to articulate the deepness of it all for others to fully grasp.

True: My family, friends, teachers, and studies may have culminated with a particular vantage point to see the immense beauty in the familia Dei conception of the gospel. Not everyone has had such people or cicumstances to shape them in that way.

But, epistimelogical biases aside, there is an influence which either lends someone to grasp something, or doesn’t.

Indeed, this is where the pedagogical (new vocab!) scope of written discourse reaches the end of its rope. I cannot simply convince you of a thing’s beauty through a blog. It usually takes an experience of something to really grasp it. To continue without acknowleding this would be contrived.

But what do you do when you you’re just not feeling something that you are told you should? Don’t fake it. Both the one faking it and the one who just wants you to fake it make a mockery of the family of God.

But don’t abandon ship, either.

A unique and wonderful attribute of this family is that no one inherently ‘gets it’. There is a common understanding that all who do ‘get it’, do so by grace. That means that in this family, you don’t have to fake it. Just stick around the family, like that neighborhood kid who’s always in your fridge. By a prolonged proximity, you may find yourself beginning to see beauty in the gospel. You may begin to find that you really, really love Jesus. And then one day, you may experience unparalelled joy in the familia Dei. Such is the effect of an exposure to the love of God in the family of God.

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