Jack is 2 months

Over the next few months, familia Dei will be transitioning to more of a personal family blog. I’m introducing my sweet wife, Alex, to the blogging table for everyone’s favorite — mom blogging. Enjoy!

Technically, Jack has been 2 months since September 2nd but I thought I’d pipe in and give some 2-month updates and pictures for out of town family and friends. Continue reading

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Jackson Timothy Mogck!

It is surreal to see our son’s name.

Jack was born July 2 after pulling an all-nighter working his way out.

Here’s Jack at one month old:Image

Alex and I are overwhelmed with affection for this guy. Continue reading

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Missional Family Looks Best Through a dSLR

blurred dslr image

You’ve seen them — The in-focus smiles and blurred background. Kids running through tall grass in an open field. The group of adults standing in the backyard, having a great time under a pergola.

Looks so good. Continue reading

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The Very Beginning of the Biggest Adventure of Our Life

My glowing (and growing!) wife and I are ecstatic. We just found out we are having a son.

A son!

There is nothing to express the joy I feel.

Gender Reveal Party

Continue reading

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Our Church is Family

Antioch Community Church just celebrated 2011 as a family over a good meal and this video (thanks for shooting this, Dan!).


As you can see, we are increasingly experiencing the fullness of the family of God at our small expression in Minneapolis.

We certainly haven’t drifted towards such a sense of family Continue reading

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A Parent Humility

In his book, Muscular Faith, Ben Patterson writes, “There is something deep in the character of God that responds to the prayers of parents, and to all who pray the way parents pray.”

That statement was honestly a bit shocking. I immediately wanted to believe it because of the obvious harmony is shares with this blog, but at the same time I demanded an explanation for such a radical statement: Could God have special ears for the prayers of parents? Continue reading

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Family Friends | Constructing Your True Extended Family

Family friends

[This post is part of the Becoming a Missional Family series.]

This is a guest post from Jon Wymer, lead pastor at York Evangelical Free Church. You can see his “impious theoblogical musings” at ProfaneFaith.com.

Who does our family spend time with? Who should we hang with? I’ll be up front and say for me this question smacks a little bit of isolation (maintaining distance from most people) and authority (controlling your environment). This is probably one of those issues most of us don’t think about until it is staring us in the face in the form of a dilemma. Continue reading

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Wrapping Up One Year of familia Dei

Well, it’s been just about one year of this. My first official familia Dei post was published on January 13, 2011 and had 7 views (thanks Mom).

Since, I’ve written 78 posts and had 3,581 views.

Obviously, traffic isn’t the aim for a blog like this. But I’ve been grateful for a little real estate in the online world to articulate and share the what I think is the best part of being a Christian: being adopted into a huge, perfect, eternal family — the family of God.

Just for kicks, here is a list of the top 11 posts of 2011: Continue reading

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Overload Your Family Calendar Like a Pro

Busy calendar

[This post is part of the Becoming a Missional Family series.]

I’m always amazed at the spontaneity of Jesus and his disciples. Almost on a dime, they are able to make the decision to just stay at someone’s house in a foreign city for a few days at a time. Don’t they have places to be? Commitments to uphold? Soccer practice to make?

Sometimes I think that Jesus needed to have more on his plate. Take it from me, if you really want to get your family on mission, make more commitments. In fact, this happens to be one of my strongest missional giftings. Continue reading

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Optimizing Your Home for the Mission (pt. 2)

missional home

[This post is part of the Becoming a Missional Family series.]

In any drama, it is the stage and set that communicates first. Therefore, it’s got to fit with what ensues when the curtain rises, or you’ll have a confused audience and a disjointed story.

Likewise, your home sets the tone for what neighbors and guests experience when they are exposed to the familial drama inside. Continue reading

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